Whew! Five days goes by so fast that I often end up with at least half a page of to-do items left unchecked. I wasn’t able to put up the first post of the week until Wednesday, nor did I get to my “Midweek Reflections” post that I swore would become a weekly occurrence (sorry, ladies).

Most of my time was spent on traveling to photo shoots and scouting locations, and trying not to spin outta control. It’s not easy being a full-time blogger while actually having a regular 9-5er. Luckily, the easiest part of being a blogger is figuring out what to wear. So, without further ado, I share with you, “What I Wore This Week”.

Striped Henley: Sundance. Beige Trenchcoat: New York & Company. Navy Ankle Pants: H&M. Ankle Boots: Fashion Q. Sunglasses: Nine West.

Hooded Cardigan: Inspired Hearts. Striped Dress: Olivia Rae. Yoga Pants: Chaps Denim. Riding Boots: JustFab. Sunglasses: NineWest

Blush Pink Hooded Jacket: Fashion Q. Black Henley: Color Story. White Cami: Forever21. Yoga Pants: Forever21  Sneakers: Hilfiger. Sunglasses: NineWest.

Blush Pink Scarf: Forever21. Black Trench Coat: New York & Company. Black Dress: Calvin Klein. Black Ballet Flats: H&M.  Sunglasses: NineWest.

Black Pullover Sweater: Forever21. White Cami: Walmart. Knee-Length Stretch Skirt: Forever21. Sneakers: Hilfiger. Sunglasses: NineWest.

What are your thoughts?

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