It’s my birthday today. That’s right. 52 years young. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. My 40s were a blur. Mainly because my older two children were already into their second years of college, and my youngest had just become a teenager. Between his middle and high school years, I rarely had a chance to stop and catch my breath. Now here I am, in my early fifties, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m more relaxed and I get to enjoy my grandchildren wholeheartedly.

I am going to spend the rest of the week celebrating being 52 years young (and cash in on all those freebies). So as I rolled out of bed, I decided to dress casually chic, with a simple white palette. I’ve had this white jacket from Forever21 for eight years, yet I’ve only worn it three times (counting today). It’s perfect for today’s crisp, sunny weather. But it’s white, and ever since I was a little girl, white and I have had a difficult relationship. Where white calls for prim and proper, I’m more of a tree-climbing, scraped knees kinda gal. Today was no exception. It was very hard keeping this outfit spot-free.

I decided to add a little hint of spring to this already cute outfit. I love this blush pink sweater from FashionQ because it provides just the right amount of warmth for those unpredictable spring days, yet light enough to layer when the afternoons get warm. These white cotton pants from Sears are so comfortable. I bought them years ago, and they still hold true to form. I believe in keeping good pieces of clothing for as long as I can. It’s so hard to find pants that fit. I stand at 5’5, but my legs are too long for the “short” length, and too short for the “long”. So on that rare occasion when I find the perfect pair, I try to get as many as I can, and in various colors.

In keeping with the whole casual chic look, I thought I’d pair this spring ensemble with these very comfy lifestyle sneakers by Hilfiger. Dress ’em up or down, they’re versatile enough to go anywhere, and wear with anything. I’m flat-footed, with a very narrow back ankle, so it’s hard to find comfortable, casual sneakers that won’t slip off my feet. These Hilfigers fit perfectly. Believe it or not, they’re extremely comfortable.

So I’m off to collect my birthday freebies. First stop, Starbucks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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