I love spending time with my grandbabies. They are so honest in their thoughts and words and they feel this urgent need to share whatever is on their mind . . . and they have no self-edit. But I’m glad that they feel comfortable talking to me – I hope it will stay that way forever. I’ve also noticed how much faster little girls mature than little boys do. My granddaughter Mariah is no exception. 

 “When I’m a mom, I’m going to tell my mom not to touch my phone . . .” is how my conversation with Mariah started one very early Saturday morning as she and I were having our morning coffee & hot chocolate with toast. She started explaining to me why she had to have her own phone . . .

Me: “Why is it so important for you to have your own phone? You’re only three.”

Mariah: “Because I have to call everyone I know. Nana, I have a lot of friends you know. They need to talk to me. I try to use my mom’s phone, but she tells me not to touch her phone. Now you understand. I need a phone. Can Santa bring me one for my birthday? Or how ’bout when I’m five and have more friends?” (I have to add that her birthday is in May, so the likelihood of Santa bringing her a phone is a bit funny).

Her five-year-old brother, on the other hand, could care less about having a phone. He’s usually preoccupied with his cars, trucks, and trains. But it just so happened that he was sitting at the table with us when Mariah and I were having this conversation . . .

Me: “So Xavier, do you want a phone, too?”

Xavier (giving me this very odd look like I was crazy): “Sure. Why not.”

Me: “What’ll you do with it when you get it?”

Xavier: “Watch Netflix.”

Me: “I see. Don’t you want to call your friends, too?”

Xavier: “Nah. I see ’em at school. I don’t want to talk to them on my down time.”

Me: “Downtime? You’re only five! How could you possible have down time?”

Xavier: “Nana, everyone needs a break from people they see everyday.”

Mariah is really into fashion and she has more accessories than most women I know. Oh, and she loves shoes and beanies. I must say, she has a very good eye when it comes to coordinating her daily wear. And she is very observant. She doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to her surroundings. She makes me laugh because she has to touch EVERYTHING. She runs her hands along fences and bushes and plants, and she has to stop and pick up every little flower she comes across when we go for our walks together. Which explains why she often comes home with hives and rashes after our walks.

Xavier is into nature and animals. He’s hooked on the Discovery Channel. I love talking to him about animals and penguins and whatever else catches his interest that week. We have an annual membership to the Los Angeles County Museums, so we try to catch the new exhibits whenever we can.

But I do love to watch Xavier and Mariah interact. For the most part, Xavier is really very kind to his little sister and he really cares about her well-being. When she gets hurt, he’ll take care of her and he’s always encouraging her to try new things and when she does, he cheers her on. I am looking forward to watching those two grow up together. They are more like best friends than sister and brother.

Their older brother, Angel, is eleven, and he’s really starting to care more about his appearance – especially since he lost 45 lbs after a month’s long stay in the hospital because of E-coli (the picture above was taken two months before he got sick). The other day he and I were discussing his interest in grooming and he said, “Nana, my birthday is coming up. Can you buy me cologne like my dad has.” I smiled and said, “Sure babe. I think your mom said you were into Armani Acqua di Gio.” His eyes lit up and he said, “Yeah. That’s it! And can I have some really nice sunglasses like my Tata?” By this time, I was curious about the possibility of a girl fitting into this scenario, so I asked him, “Is this all because of a girl?” His eyes got really big and he said, “NO! Are you kidding me?! My mom said she’ll beat up any girl that tries to go out with me. I’m going to be single forever, Nana! I’m going to die alone!” I assured him that he wouldn’t, although he didn’t seem convinced.

Angel loves to cook. He’s been making his own breakfasts since he was eight years old. I love hanging out with him because he’s open to trying out new foods and loves experimenting in the kitchen. He’s learned a lot about cooking and barbecuing from my ex and my ex’s friends (they spend the weekends barbecuing and watching the Food Network). He got several cookbooks for Christmas and has been asking to spend the weekend with me to try out some of the recipes in his books. And he loves to travel, just like his Nana.

What funny stories and conversations do you have to tell? I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line in the comments and share your stories with us.





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