Hey all! Looks like another June-gloom kinda day here in not-so-sunny Southern California – and just when I thought I could say goodbye to winter. What’s June-gloom? It’s Mother Nature’s way of messing with us by blanketing the sky with a marine layer to hide the sun, dropping temps into the mid to high 60s. It usually burns off by mid-afternoon, but for some reason, it’s been looming around all day for the past week . . . AND! it got here two weeks early!

So, after exhausting most of my winter wardrobe items, I decided to  stretch my closet using one statement piece as a focal point (checkout my IG posts).  I chose this classic beige trench coat, that I sale stalked, as my foundation, and created four amazing looks that are perfect for any office vibe.

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that.                        AUTHOR UNKNOWN

Look #1 – The Weekender

Blue Jeans & White Tank

Okay. These two items have to be in every woman’s closet. They are the end-all, be-all to any pulled together, last-minute, don’t-have-anything-to-wear closet find; and adding a classic trench coat keeps this look casual, without looking sloppy.

Look #2 – Sassy and Sophisticated

Neutral Shift Dress

I love Helen Mirren. She is the epitome of classic chic. She can make a pair of jeans and t-shirt look like a million bucks. So why not channel you inner Helen for a sophisticated and sassy look by pairing a classic beige trench coat with a neutral colored shift dress for an effortless pulled-together look. (I feel so MI-6)

Look # 3 – Street Sleek

Classic Fit Jeans & V-Neck Black T-Shirt

When I pulled this look together, I didn’t realize how tough it really looked- until I saw the pics. I felt like I should be hanging with Harry Bosch, solving crimes . . . and these aviators give this look kick-ass street sleek edge. Don’t you think?

Look #4 – Boss Lady

Above-the-Knee Plaid Skirt & White Sleeveless Tank Shirt

Glide on a bright red lipstick and you are ready for some serious business. I actually found this plaid skirt at a thrift store in Palm Springs for $4! Talk about a find! But when you pair it with this classic beige trench, a sleeveless white tank shirt and heels, you are one serious boss lady that means business.

What are your thoughts?

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