With the pandemic nearing the one year mark, it’s hard to think about Spring style when most of us have become one with our statement yoga pants. But hear me out. There’s no reason why #quarantinelife has to equal lackluster style. Quite the contrary.

I’m a firm believer that when it comes to shoes, a gal can never own too many. And thanks (no thanks) to the pandemic, I have officially hung up my heels and traded them in for these candy colored sneakers.

Currently, I’m rotating between the same 5-6 pairs of sneakers. But with price tags ranging between $14-$22 a pair on Amazon, how can any girl with a shoe obsession resist?

Kid you not. I pair them with everything: skirts, dresses, suits – you name it. And bonus! They actually help stretch my closet and reinvent an otherwise lifeless wardrobe.

My favorite go-to outfit is a graphic tee, paired with jeans, a classic tweed blazer, and bright colored sneakers. This simple style comes in handy when I’m too lazy to put much thought into getting dressed (which has been happening a lot lately).

So expect to see many more posts in the future highlighting this latest obsession of mine. After all, you seriously can’t go wrong with sneakers.

What about you? Have you acquired any new style obsessions while in quarantine? And yes, pjs count as an obsession 😁

Until the next time, stay healthy & beautiful.

Xoxo Evie💋

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