“Slow and steady wins the race.” That’s my running style. Although I’ve never vowed to run a marathon, let alone a half marathon, I love running all the same. There’s just something very freeing about running. It allows me to get outta my head and gain the clarity to work through issues I’m facing. It also helps me relax, and when I’m relaxed, I do my best thinking. The ideas start to flow and my creativity runs wild. AND, when I start my day with a good run, I have more energy throughout the day and I sleep better at night . . . it’s my drug of choice.

I’ll admit, when I first took to running, it was more like a fox trot than anything else. Yet, after committing to make running part of my daily routine, I was able to advance to a brisk walk-jog after three months.  With consistency being the key, I finally hit a full-on run at month seven. But it would take another year and a half of running before I was able to join the “Runner’s High” club.

My son, who has been a runner since his first steps as a baby, would often talk about the exhilarating feeling of Runner’s High. But nothing he said could have prepared me for such an unforgettable experience.

I had just pushed myself to run to the top of Colima Road (1.6 miles uphill!). Exhausted. Out of breath. Ready to give up . . . and dreading the downhill return.

I had gotten half way into my steep descent, when all of a sudden, it hit me! Just like that! Runner’s High! Wow! I had never experienced anything like it. I was so overcome with emotion,  I cried (happy tears, of course). Seriously!

You’re probably wondering, “What’s Runner’s High? Well, according to scientists, “during long runs, subjects’ prefrontal and limbic regions spew out endorphins. The greater the endorphin surge in these brain areas, the more euphoric the runners report feeling.”

But I say Runner’s High is more than that.  It’s an indescribable type of euphoria that leaves you feeling like you’re invincible. Insanely relaxed – like an out-of-body experience. Free from anxiety. I kid you not! There is absolutely  nothing like the feeling you get from “Runner’s High”. It makes you forget how hard you’ve pushed your body. It makes you forget the pain. And once you’ve reached Runner’s High, you feel the need to keep running, rather than stop and rest. Again, it’s a feeling like no other.

Every true runner experiences Runner’s High at some point in their life – some, sooner than others – but every true runner does get there. How will you know when you get there? Believe me, you’ll know. It will literally take your breath away (in a good way).

Have you ever experienced “Runner’s High”? If so, what did it feel like?


What are your thoughts?

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