I have a problem sitting still and becoming one with the world. Believe me when I say it’s not from a lack of trying. I try. I really do. But whenever I try to relax and dump the junk in my head, that chatty little voice in my head begins to show her ugly face.

You know which voice I’m talking about. She’s the one that puts thoughts of self-doubt and insecurities into our pretty little heads.

Most of the time I do a pretty good job of ignoring her. But on that rare occasion where I do pay her some mind, she runs the gamut with insecurities.

This picture is the perfect example. There was so much uncertainty and self-doubt floating around in my head that it was impossible to just sit and relax and find inner peace.

Life-Balance Audit

The next morning, with coffee in hand, I took out a piece of paper and set out to conduct a Life-Balance Audit (I stumbled upon this exercise in one of my *textbooks).

In case you’ve never done a Life-Balance Audit, it requires you to reassess your current state of priorities and key values to see where you are spending your time and which areas need tending to.

In a world consumed with FOMO, this is a great exercise to see how much we miss out because our time and energy is spent doing things that aren’t really as important as we make them out to be.

Here’s what you do: 

On a piece of paper, write the following six column headings:

Nonfamily Relationships
Spiritual Sustenance

Using a total of 100 points that represent how you spend your time, allocate them amongst the six areas above.

In your analysis:

What did you learn about your life balance?

Which areas need tending to and where would you like to spend more time?

What is consuming too much of your time and energy?

What specific and measurable goals would you like to set that will balance your life?

Are there compromises or adjustments you have to make?

Who can support you in making these changes?

I do this audit whenever I feel my personal and professional life out of whack. It helps me make the adjustments needed for a balanced, centered, inspired life.

I’ve provided a Life-Balance Audit template to download so you can conduct your own Audit. I hope you’ll use it whenever you feel off kilter.

Until the next time,

xoxo Evie💋

📷 Julian Martinez

*📒:Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age. Juana Bordas, 2010, p. 82.

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