Hey everyone,

Happy Tuesday! How was your long Memorial Day weekend?  We had Papaya all weekend while my daughter and son-in-law were on vacation celebrating their ten-year anniversary (my ex took the boys camping for the weekend). There was no sleeping in for this little girl. Nope. Days started early and nights ended late.

We had a wonderful nature-filled weekend. We went to see the Butterfly Exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. What a treat! All the colorful butterflies flying around us enamored Mariah. She asked lots of questions. Some of which, I found a little hard to answer. Like, “Nana, why are the butterflies in a big cage? Can I let them out?” She is such a funny bird.


Next, we ventured inside the museum to check out Dinosaur Hall. Wow! The brontosaurus was an enormous creature. To see the skeletal frame of that animal was fantastic. You read about these creatures that roamed the earth billions of years ago, but when you actually get to see how big they really were, it is just mind blowing.

I think the wing she enjoyed most was Animal Hall. She was able to recognize the animals because they were in full form (as opposed to the skeletal displays). We spent a lot of time at this exhibit. She got so excited to see the cheetah and the zebra. But what got her really excited was the whale skeleton that hovered high above our heads. “Nana! Look! It’s flying! And it doesn’t have clothes on!” (The skin was missing. Haha).

Our day ended at the “Get Dirty” play area. There was a brook that the kids were able to play in and a cooling area with water an inch high to wet your toes in. For some God-unknown reason, Mariah decided to lie down in it and we didn’t have another change of clothes. Hence, “our day ended.”

Monday morning was dedicated to paying respects to our fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate price so that my children, grandchildren, and I could live “in the land of the free.” Aside from the political turmoil our country is currently in, we are blessed to live in the United States. We often take for granted all that our freedom provides. So many countries only dream of having the freedom we have here in the U.S. We also need keep top of mind all the men and women who gave their lives to preserve our freedom – not just once a year, but on a daily basis. Whether it’s a moment of silence, or in our daily prayers, we need to give thanks for this precious gift of freedom our fallen soldiers have given us.

Aaron Montero,15, from Montebello salutes after placing a flag. More than 10,000 Scouts placed 90,000 flags on Veterans graves at Los Angeles National Cemetery in West Los Angeles for Memorial Day. Westwood, CA 5/26/2018 (Photo by John McCoy)

Monday was also National Hamburger Day and my intentions were to take lots of pictures of our outdoor picnic, but Mariah moves at the speed of light and I was constantly attending to her needs (she’s also a very messy eater). That did not work out well. I’m sure the ants are going to have a feast on the leftovers that fell to the ground.

What about you? How was your long weekend spent?


What are your thoughts?

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