The other day I was sitting outside drinking my coffee, so deep in thought that I became motionless.  My stillness permitted a hummingbird to fly right up to my table to enjoy nectar from the flowers beside me. I was so in awe of her beauty and the way she fluttered and danced about from flower to flower. What a glorious sight.

It got me thinking about all the beauty we miss around us because of FOMO. This unnecessary obsession we have with everyone else’s life, but our own. We take everything, and everyone around us for granted, missing the important moments in our lives because we have our faces buried in our phones.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. So it’s time we start practicing a bit of mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness – the art of living in the present moment. Yes, it would require us to disconnect from technology, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

Here’s the thing:  What would you lose by disconnecting from the world for fifteen minutes a day to just sit and enjoy your surroundings and be fully present in the moment? Better yet, think of all you would gain by doing so.

So I leave you with this thought: When was the last time you sat still long enough to become one with your surroundings?

Perhaps that could be your New Year’s Resolution.

What are your thoughts?

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