It looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful weekend. The sun is already shining and the air is crisp and it’s a perfect weekend to be outdoors. My grandbabies are coming over on Sunday and ‘m gonna surprise them with a little pizza making session. I found this perfect, easy-to-make pizza sauce recipe that’ll be waiting for them when they arrive – along with all the toppings their little hearts desire . . . fresh mozzarella, sliced mushrooms, pineapple bits, bell peppers, pepperoni . . . the works (I just hope it all goes as planned). What are some of the fun and creative things you like to do  with your little ones?

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and just in case you need some ideas on things to do this weekend, or just need a good hearty laugh, here are a few of my favorite links on the web . . .

Elizabeth Gilbert discovers life after Eat, Pray Love.

30 fun filled food holidays to celebrate with your little ones.

This is how alligators survive in the frozen waters of North Carolina.

Need a good laugh? Damn You Auto Correct is loaded with tons of funny texts that required follow-up explanation texts.

Make your inner child proud with these 8 ridiculously fun things to do at home.


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