Got any big plans this weekend? We’re celebrating my grandson’s birthday all weekend long – he’s turning twelve on Monday.  He loves to cook, so I’m taking him to California Pizza Kitchen where he’ll get to make his own pizza – chef’s hat, coat, and all. Sunday we’ll be at my parents for birthday dinner. Homemade chocolate cake (courtesy of dad), ice cream, and lots of presents will be on the agenda. This year he made it very easy for me – sunglasses and cologne. February is always a busy month for us in terms of birthdays, with a total of seven birthdays to celebrate. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, and here are a few links to enjoy.

A beautiful letter from a grandmother to her unborn granddaughter.

Body shaming is not okay! Two beautiful women share their horror stories on IG.

This chocolate cake is so delicious.

I love this show!  It’s Golden Girls with a twist.

Adulting is highly overrated!

This is why women directors are underrepresented

I am obsessing over this coat!

The kitchen tool I will NEVER live without!

Hilarious! Celebrating The last f**kable day!


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