It’s my birthday weekend (my birthday is officially Monday). Which means . . . the weekend is all about ME. Three days of celebrating being 52 years young. I plan on sleeping in, getting pedis, having cake and wine with the girls, lunch with my boys, and dinner on Sunday with the family. Birthdays are a really big deal in my family. You get to choose the menu and my dad always bakes the cake. There are lots of presents and everyone comes over to celebrate. I’m also gonna try and sneak in a movie while I’m at it. Oh, and I gifted myself a pair of adorable denim ankle boots.  Hey, why not! It’s my birthday!  You show me where it says a birthday can only be celebrated for one day?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and here are a few links I think you might enjoy . . .

OMG! I love, love, love, this site! Talk about life pivot! Women over 50, UNITE!

P.S., I love you!

My kidless friends just don’t get it.

Forgiveness is the name of the game.

Hilarious kid stories shared by real teachers.

20 cute (and affordable) dresses for spring.

21 mistakes you need to forgive yourself for, ASAP!

Okay, this is clearly a mom “who gets it.”


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