What are y’all up to this wet and rainy weekend? Yes. It’s raining pretty heavily here in not-so-sunny Southern California. But that won’t put a damper on plans to celebrate Christmas with my grandbabies. After three weeks of being on vacation, they are finally coming home. Which means….you guessed it! Lots and lots of tamales, rice, beans, cafecito, and WINE! I’ll be spending Saturday night getting their stockings ready for their arrival Sunday morning when dad will be busy making eggs, bacon and sausage for the early risers. So excited!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Stay safe and warm. And just in case you need something to occupy your time, here are a few good reads to keep you going…

I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar. West of the 5Ohh is all about celebrating women over 50. So you can imagine how excited I was to read this article.

How many products do you use daily on your face?

Everyday heroes.

Tiny homes make nomadic living a reality.

Baby Shark hits #32 on the Billboard Charts trailing Lady Gaga by only two notches.

Looking to stay in and do a little cooking or baking? This site has a recipe for every occasion.

What are your thoughts?

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