Happy New Year everyone! How was your New Year’s Eve? Like so many of you, I opted to stay in and reach out to loved ones via video chat . . . this included a dance-off with my seven-year-old grandson and his best friend Jack Frost, a stuffed animal sloth he received from Santa Claus. We had a blast! I can’t think of a better memory to welcome in the new year.

Peace of mind

If there is one thing 2020 taught me, it’s the importance of  taking care of my mental health. Yes, I realize there are some things I can’t control.  But for those things I can, I’m only immersing myself in activities that move my life forward and impact my world with favor. This means eliminating the toxic people and activities that have been holding me back. I think Maria Shriver says it best:

If we want to find our passion and our purpose, we have to care about something deeply, and yet not care about what other people say about what we’re doing.

So here’s to a New Year filled with good intentions, renewed hope and positivity, and lots more fun and laughs.

Happy New Year everyone!

xoxo Evie.




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