Today’s style strategy: Layering for Cold Weather, is perfect for the unpredictable weather everyone, everywhere is experiencing. We have officially dubbed today “Unpredictable Tuesday”.  From extreme levels of snow and rain, to insane 70+ degree weather,  to a sub-zero polar vortex – it’s insane. Even So. Cal is experiencing its own kinda crazy (weather, that is). One minute the sun is out,  the next, it’s pouring rain. This picture was taken just as it started sprinkling and then five minutes later, opened up and poured.

The morning shoot began like any other – crisp and cool, yet tolerable.  This pink and taupe flannel, layered with a white cami and soft pink cardigan, provided perfect coverage. It was too cold for a skirt, so these taupe leggings  became the perfect last-minute addition. Ankle boots are still in season, so these tan shooties are the perfect compliment.

But then, just as we got started shooting, it began to get a little breezy. No. I take that back. The temps dropped about ten degrees in a matter of minutes. Luckily, I brought this Forever21 taupe scarf to keep the chill away from my neck and chest – layers are quickly becoming the style strategy here in Southern California.

Unfortunately, our weather dilemmas didn’t stop there. It began to sprinkle – but just slightly. I grabbed this classic beige trench coat from New York & Co. I love this coat. Some women collect shoes; I collect coats. It was on clearance, so I grabbed this style in four colors. Every stylish wardrobe needs a classic trench coat or two.

Just as we finished our last shot, it opened up and poured. I’m talking buckets! And no umbrella! Needless to say, we are done shooting for the day. We’re gonna try it again tomorrow – with umbrella in hand. Pray that the sun gods are with us tomorrow.

What are your thoughts?

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