Yes, Christmas in January. Although I celebrate Christmas in December with my siblings and parents, my family tradition with my children is celebrating Christmas in January when my grandbabies return from their three-week Christmas vacation. We get together at my parents’ house and my grandbabies open their gifts from my side of the family (which usually takes all afternoon).

The benefit of celebrating Christmas in January is that it gives me more time to prepare and find the perfect gifts. Not to mention, I get to take advantage of all the after-Christmas sales and I don’t have the stress associated with the holiday crowds.

Every Christmas season, our children and grandchildren look forward to their annual trip to Disneyland. This tradition was started by my ex’s father over 32 years ago, and it became an annual tradition until his passing on Christmas morning three years ago. Keeping this tradition going for our children is important to us all . . . it keeps the holiday memories with their grandfather alive.

Sadly, one tradition that got away from us when my Grandma Amelia passed away was spending the entire week before Christmas making homemade tamales.

Grandma Amelia, my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and my daughter would all go over to grandma’s house and spend the week making tamales. Grandpa Poncho grew red hot chilies on his New Mexico ranch so he was in charge of making the sauce and meat to stuff the tamales. There would be music playing in the background, and it was a chance to catch up on all the family goings-on. And if you didn’t show up to help, you can bet you were the one we talked about the most. LOL. We would make so many tamales that everyone was sent home with about four dozen , plus, there was plenty to be had on Christmas Eve at their house.

What are your Christmas traditions?

What are your thoughts?

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