I was seriously dreading my annual checkup last week. My biggest fear was that the doctor would tell me I had diabetes. Luckily, my doc said I have nothing to worry about. YAY!

Over the past couple of years, I have gotten a little lazy about working out and paying attention to my eating habits . . . and the results have been showing up physically, mentally, and emotionally. It used to be that I’d never miss a day of exercise. For two decades, I rocked a size 4 body and had the energy to keep up with even the most active toddler. Now, I am at a sluggish size 8, and it now takes me two days to recoup after spending a day with my grandbabies.

I wish I could say I had a good excuse, but I don’t. Unless you count laziness as an excuse. Yeah, didn’t think so. It’s been weighing heavily on me (no pun intended) and it has been affecting how I feel about myself. So much so, that I even got frustrated with my hair because IĀ  haven’t been motivated to do anything with it. So I walked into the first salon I came upon and told “T”, my stylist at Fantastic Sams, to cut away. She ended up cutting four inches off my hair because I told her I wasn’t concerned about the length. HA! Bad impulse decision!!!

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