Hi all! I’m Evie, voice behind West of the 5Ohh,

I started West of the 5Ohh as an outlet to converse with other amazing women over 50 who feel like I do: vibrant, young, active, fabulous, and empowered. Yes, we have the usual aches and pains associated with getting older, but we are definitely redefining what it means to be over 50.

Everyday I am surrounded by women over 50 who are doing amazing things. They’re starting, or already own businesses. They run marathons well into their 80s. They have impeccable style (notice I said style, not fashion). They are strong, confident, and self-assured. They’re not afraid to travel alone and strike up a conversation with strangers. They embrace their sexuality and prowess and can rock an lbd and stilettos like no other younger age group. They’ve discovered that hindsight is always 20/20 and appreciate life and living. For those of us with grandchildren, we are insanely crazy about them, and have gained a deeper love and appreciation for our adult children. For those who are over 50 with children still in grade school, I have noticed the deep connection you have with your children. There is so much truth to the old cliche, “With age, comes maturity.”

I also started West of the 5Ohh because I feel the media, advertisers, and brands have dismissed us as irrelevant and undervalue us as consumers. When in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just ask Covergirl, who signed Maye Musk at 69 years young as their newest model; and let’s not forget Chicos, who has always embraced women over 50. They all realize how powerful our spending power is and more important, how fabulous we are. Kudos to them!

A little about me:

I am a single mother of three adult children and four insanely-funny grandchildren.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2019 in Organizational Leadership, and am now into my third semester of grad school, majoring in Communication & Leadership to teach Communication Studies at the community college level (it’s never too late to go back to school).

My motto is: But first, coffee!

I love, love, love pizza!

I believe a glass of wine is a great way to end the day, and  is just as important as the air we breathe. LOL!

Some of my interests:

  1. I love to travel. The travel bug is one of the loves that I have happily passed on to my oldest son and grandson.
  2. I love books. Which means: I love bookstores. My children and grandchildren all love reading books. They have enough books to start a small library.
  3. I love clothes. I do. I love to see a woman who owns her look. She’s the woman who looks beautiful in anything – even sweat pants – because she carries herself with such grace and confidence. But my preferred style is classic comfort.

I really want West of the 5Ohh to be a platform where we can have candid conversations about life, love, health, style, and more, in a way that empowers us all and builds us up. Too many times I have visited blogs whose content is all about pitting women against each other. The cattiness, the pettiness. That’s not what I want this site to be. I want this to be YOUR platform. Your voice. I want to celebrate women over 50 who are rockin’ the world. You don’t have to be famous to be awesome. I want you to share your stories. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

I look forward to building a tribe of wonderful women over 50 and I am excited to have you join this tribe. It doesn’t exist without you.

Here’s to a long and lasting relationship.




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