I would like to describe my style as “classic chic” – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Jackie O at Martha’s Vineyard (perhaps in another life it may actually have been). However, as a blogger who works from home, my current style has become more comfort than classic (sorry, Audrey). But, that’s not to say that I’m a sloppy dresser. Not at all. I like to refer to it as So. Cal comfort.

To give you an idea of what my daily style consists of, I give you 5 Days in January – a 5-day glimpse into my workday wardrobe.

From Meetings to Martinis

My daily go-to work wardrobe is simple: jeans; striped shirts (the French version); classic trench coats; cardigans; and cigarette pants – alternated throughout the week, of course.

My shoes alternate between riding boots and ballet flats – and the occasional white sneakers. I mean, who doesn’t love a pencil skirt paired with white sneakers for a casual-cool look.

My recent wardrobe obsession is cigarette pants. I  love how they comfortably hug my figure while still providing a clean line without cutting off my circulation. If you haven’t already added a pair to your weekly wardrobe, I seriously suggest you consider doing so. They ‘re perfect on any body type and look fabulous when paired with a basic white T-shirt and sneakers, yet are versatile enough to take you from meetings to martinis.

But today I was aiming for a more polished look. So I added a gray, hip-length cardigan (thanks mom and dad), riding boots by JustFab, and a patterned scarf gifted to me for Christmas by my niece. I even went so far as to add a pair of oversized sunglasses for a hint of allure (perhaps it was all those old Hollywood glamour movies I binged on this past weekend).

To complete my look, I added this oversized bowling bag by Nine West, which I picked up from Marshall’s. Don’t you just love Marshall’s? I always find something to buy when I’m there.

Today’s outfit was perfect for the last-minute evening meeting I had to attend at City Hall. And the scarf was my saving-grace for winter’s cold, damp evening air that would have otherwise left me shivering at 9:00 p.m. I guess you can say I still live by the Girl Scout motto, “Be prepared.”

So tell me, what are your favorite “Meetings to Martinis” wardrobe staples? I’d love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day.

xoxo Evie




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