Dress In the Moment

I love stripes. Stripes make me feel very French-girl chic. For me, stripes conjure up images of a stylishly put-together Parisian woman, strolling down a cobblestone street in Paris, on her way to meet friends at a hip outdoor cafe. I imagine a French woman’s philosophy on dressing to be both effortless and classically understated.

Putting this much thought and imagination into selecting my outfits  forces me to be present in the moment.  In that moment, I have no concern for the checklist of things I have to do or the meetings I have to attend. No. I’m just creating a moment of happiness for myself, and expressing it through the clothing I’m wearing today. I guess you would say I’m an emotional dresser.

What about you? Are you an emotional or methodical dresser?

What are your thoughts?

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