Welcome to Day 3 of 5 Days In January: my workday wardrobe at a glance.  

I must admit, although working from home seems like the ideal situation, there are just as many disadvantages as there are advantages. As a solo blogger, I miss having other people around to bounce ideas off of. Also, there are many days where I feel a disconnect from the outside world. It’s just me and my laptop, existing in isolation in my room. 

In order to shake off this feeling of isolation, I’m taking my work outdoors to scope out new locations for future photo opps. And since the university is literally within walking distance,  it makes perfect sense to use it as today’s backdrop.

Take It Outdoors

Wow! Could the day be any more gorgeous? The air is crisp, the sun is shining and the campus is just bursting with the sound of students chattering away about their too-short Winter break. Although not your typical winter day, in comparison to the rest of the U.S., it is what makes Southern California so desirable to snow birds.

This beautiful canopy of trees, hidden away from the rest of campus life, was just waiting to serve as my backdrop. It is the ideal setting: a woodsy feel in the middle of suburban Orange County. And the wooden bench is the perfect prop. 

Keep it Neutral

I love neutral palettes. Don’t you? This utility jacket paired with jeans, a striped T – and bright red ballet flats that add a pop of color – complement today’s outdoor theme perfectly. 

As a blogger, which do you prefer to use as your backdrop? Rugged outdoors? Coastal? Vintage buildings? Floral? Please feel free to share your favorite spots.





What are your thoughts?

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